Arctic Harbours

Ice within harbour areas in the North, from time to time, needs to be cleared by the propeller flow. SAMS contains a unique numerical model that enables physically based high-fidelity simulations of ice management with the propeller flow of a ship. This model predicts the propeller-flow velocities, calculates the hydrodynamic forces on the ice and integrates the equations of motion of the ice cover, which is represented by an ensemble of rigid bodies (Multi-body Dynamics, MBD). Data from full-scale tests were used to calibrate the model to simulate the propeller wash effect on breaking and clearing ice away from the key.

For the Arctic harbor clearing engineering practice, SAMS can utilize this module to yield high-fidelity simulations.

A demo of Arctic harbour clearing simulation can be found below:

Channel widening simulated in SAMS.

KV Svalbard employs the jet of its propellers to clear the ice away a key at Svea, Spitsbergen.