About ArcISo

Arctic business is developing within the sectors of marine operations related to offshore oil and gas, mining, seafood, tourism, scientific expeditions, and world trade shipping. As offshore activities in the Arctic is a relatively new field, with only a handful relevant operations to draw experience from, and since full-scale trials are extremely expensive, there is an expressed need for more detailed and cost-efficient analysis and design review of concepts based on numerical simulations.

With the mission of securing the integrity of your Arctic voyages, the NTNU spin-off company ArcISo (Arctic Integrated Solutions) supplies design review, support, and consultations towards your Arctic Offshore business based on our state-of-the-art high-fidelity numerical tools for calculation of ice loads and load effects on ships and marine structures.

We are an experienced group of researchers and engineers within the fields of ice mechanics, Arctic offshore technology, and control engineering. Our invention originates from the strategic area of Arctic research at NTNU. This field of research has a long tradition in Norway as being one of the core fields within our primary industries of oil and gas, mining, and shipping. NTNU considers the Arctic to be one of the most promising research areas to put Norway in the forefront of innovation.