Ice Mechanics

Our understanding of ice design load is limited by our understanding of ice mechanics (Sanderson, 1988). Ice is a rather complicated material with extraordinary mechanical properties. As a material, ice properties are significantly influenced by factors such as temperature and loading rate. In addition, due to different physical processes, different ice features (e.g., level ice, broken ice, ice ridges and icebergs) are formed. Each of these different ice features lead to significantly different design considerations. Even for the same ice feature, different failure modes would take place and lead to significantly different ice load levels.

Luckily, most of these complications are well-integrated in our development of SAMS. The overall architecture, theoretical development and code implementation of SAMS take ice mechanics into account and it is tailor-made for ice material in various engineering applications. Moreover, behind SAMS, the team members of ArcISo AS are all well-trained in the ice mechanics subject and are always ready to offer you relevant assistance.